Brad Short

Brad is an HP Distinguish Technologist and the Inventor & Creator of Sprout by hp, the new dual-screen immersive computer that combines natural computing with 2D and 3D scanning, enabling unique Blended Reality experiences that bring out the creativity in everyone.

Brad currently holds the position of Chief Technologist &  Product Experience Architect in the Immersive Computing Group at HP and is responsible for developing future generation computer products, interactive experiences, human-computer interfaces, and the required technologies.

Brad is a 23 year HP veteran, inventor, and intrapreneur with an extensive product portfolio and impressive track record for bringing products to market. During the first 15 years of his HP career Brad worked in the HP Printing & Imaging R&D Lab in San Diego architecting over 18 innovative AiO Printer-Scanner-Copier products to hit the market.

Brad’s experience designing imaging systems and user interfaces inspired his development of a new product form factor to enhance the creative workflow which led to his invention of the interactive projection scanning technology and experience built into Sprout. By integrating camera-based WYSIWYG scanning of both 2D and 3D objects face-up directly into a horizontal projected UI, numerous steps are eliminated when working with digital and physical content, and the creative process is streamlined into a seamless productive workflow without the need to learn complex tools — enabling ideas to go from thought to expression in an instant.

Brad has received over 45 patents (over 20 granted, and over 25 more pending). Brad earned a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.